Product development

Design & development

When it comes to development, Deforche Engineering holds a unique position. The competence and experience of our developers play the key role in this stage. Our major concern always concentrates on creating an optimal solution with an extremely high cost-effectiveness and a minimum of components. During the design phase, we analyse the existing situation and look for solutions to maximally increase production with a minimum of operators. We always try to visualize our solution as specifically as possible by means of a pencil draft or a concise 2D and 3D CAD drawing. The latter is the basis for further discussions and optimization. Once the design concept is perfect, a detailed 3D model is realized. In this phase, we also make the necessary computations to meet the specific machine requirements (speeds, forces, cycle times, …). In the meanwhile, the model is regularly discussed with the customer so as to check the design with his expectations and to adjust where necessary. The 3D model is realized with the latest software (Inventor, One space designer, Topsolid) that closely meets the requirements of our customer. The software also allows us to efficiently detail all machine parts and to inventarize these in a conveniently arranged list. These parts are always designed bearing in mind easy manageability, extreme assembly comfort and resistance to wear and tear. As we spend a lot of care and attention to the above criterions, the overall cost of the end product is kept down.

ontwerp en ontwikkeling
  • Automatic cutting, stacking and packaging machine
  • Automatic assembly
  • CFS 1200
  • Highly flexible and fully automatic drilling and deburring machine for Hayes & Lemmerz
  • Automatic milling center for total processing of long profiles for Picanol
  • Fully automatic stamping, bending and assembly unit
  • Widra
  • Bosch
  • Murfor® automatic packaging machine for Bekaert
  • Lems 70